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In Ghent, Urbanus launched his autobiography on Wednesday, entitled “And where this all comes from” and constructed it as a written hall show interspersed with anecdotes. “The book has 512 pages, but if my wife and daughter hadn’t fixed all the typos, it would have been 900 pages,” says Urbanus.

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Urbanus took advantage of the “corona holiday” to put his life on paper, his daughter and wife contributed to the final editing and the layout. “It’s full of anecdotes, but I always try to write something that ends with a pointe after half a page. All those stories have been stuck in my head all my life. That’s a gift I have, that I can remember all that well. The hardest part was getting all those anecdotes chronologically,” says the comedian.

The book reads “as if it were a written hall show”, say the makers. “Using jokes, pranks and statements, Urbanus tells about his early childhood in Sint-Gertrudis-Pede, his teenage years, rise as an artist and various steps in the Flemish and Dutch cultural sector. As a reader, you get a unique look behind the human Urbanus and you effectively see where the craziest skits and jokes come from.” About where everything comes from, the author says: “I was raised in a family that laughed everything off with humor. We dared not show any emotion and were hardened to tell everything with a joke. That’s how I got it.”

Urbanus, 72, wrote the book “in his own typical style” and filled it with his own drawings and archive photos. “I used to be Urbanus van Anus. That actually came from the group Anus that I founded, and that always stuck. But the pastors didn’t like to see me everywhere. Times have changed, but the sacred houses have been replaced by five thousand skyscrapers. Humor remains necessary to put all tensions into perspective.”

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