US pledges more than five billion euros to combat threats to the oceans | oceans

This Friday, the United States committed itself to contributing 5.65 billion euros to combating threats to the oceans, which doubles the amount promised in 2022, announced the State Department.

At the “Our Ocean” conference, which is taking place in Panama City, the US delegation, headed by the presidential envoy for climate changeJohn Kerry, “worked with allies and partners to address the climate crisis, tackle marine pollution, support sustainable fisheries, establish marine protected areas effective measures, promote a sustainable blue economy and advanced maritime security”, specified in the text.

The pledged amount is spread over 77 announcements made by the US delegation, focused on six areas: climate change, marine protected areas, sustainable fisheries, marine pollution, sustainable blue economies and maritime security.

Almost half of the advertisements (30) concerned the first of these areas, which absorbs a significant part of the funds.

Here, the US highlighted the nexus between the climate world and the ocean, including the role of ocean-based climate solutions in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving global climate resilience.

Specifically, according to the State Department, the initiatives aim to promote green maritime transport, renewable energy offshorethe health, resilience and vitality of coastal communities, and climate research, modeling and observation.

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