Jake Sullivan, US National Security Advisor

The United States is “prepared” for all scenarios and US intelligence services consider that Russia has not yet “taken a final decision” on a possible invasion of Ukraine, a White House source revealed Thursday.

According to US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, the Americans are prepared to continue the dialogue or give “a firm response” in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine.

For US intelligence, the Russians have not yet “taken a final decision” on a possible invasion of the neighboring country.

“Now we are going to reflect and consult with our allies and partners on what we are going to do,” added Jake Sullivan, quoted by the AFP agency.

The United States continues to “coordinate intensively” with partners severe economic measures in response to any Russian invasion of Ukraine, he warned.

Asked about the union between North Americans and Europeans on possible sanctions, Jake Sullivan showed “confidence” in a tune.

“This does not necessarily mean that both sides of the Atlantic will have precisely the same list. [de sanções] down to the details, but I am confident that Americans and Europeans can act in unison in implementing tough economic measures”, he insisted.

US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin today reaffirmed the Americans’ commitment to providing “defensive assistance” to the Ukrainian army.

Austin held a telephone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart, Oleksii Reznikov, about the “unwarranted strengthening of Russian military posture in Ukraine and on its borders”, said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

In the dialogue, the US minister “reaffirmed the United States’ unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, including continued efforts to strengthen the capabilities of Ukrainian forces by providing defensive assistance.”

Washington has supplied Ukraine with small arms, patrol ships and Javelin anti-tank missile launchers, but many congressmen would like the White House to do more.

Ukraine and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) have denounced in recent months the concentration of large numbers of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border, considering it to be the prelude to an invasion.

Westerners anticipate a possible Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory, such as the one in 2014 that culminated in the annexation of the Crimean peninsula.

In turn, Russia denies any intention to invade the neighboring country and seeks Western guarantees about the end of NATO enlargement along its borders, in particular Ukraine.

The Russia-United States talks on Monday in Geneva (Switzerland) and the Wednesday meeting in Brussels between the Russian authorities and NATO did not make significant progress, despite the parties having admitted the possibility of future contacts on the control. weapons and ways to prevent military incidents between Moscow and the West.

Russia today lamented the lack of progress in talks on security guarantees against NATO’s eastward expansion, rejecting Western demands for the withdrawal of Russian troops from areas close to Ukraine.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg assured today that the Atlantic Alliance will maintain “basic principles” such as the ability to admit new members and that it remains open to dialogue on security with Russia.

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