US Task Force Does Not Recommend Use of Aspirin to Prevent Heart Attacks

A US panel of experts recommends that people with a high chance of getting heart disease should not start aspirin-based treatments (acetylsalicylic acid) as prevention. That’s because the risk of serious side effects outweighs the benefits.

The task force includes 16 experts in disease prevention and evidence-based medicine who periodically evaluate screening tests and preventive treatments. Members are chosen by the director of the US Federal Agency for Health Research and Quality.

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This task force also intends to discourage anyone aged 60 and over from taking Aspirin regularly because of the increased risk of bleeds, which can be fatal. “There is no longer a general statement that everyone who is at increased risk for heart disease, even if they have never had a heart attack, should start taking aspirin. will benefit and have the least risk of harm,” says one of the panelists, Chien-Wen Tseng, research director at the University of Hawaii.

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Earlier, this same panel of experts made a recommendation for high-risk adults (10% or more likely to develop a cardiovascular problem in the next ten years) in their 50s to take Infant Aspirin if their chances of a side effect were low. Now, the recommendation is for high-risk adults in their 40s and 50s to talk to their doctors first.

Source: NBC News via Or Balloon

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