USA: Man who attacked Christmas parade charged with 5 homicides and rule out terrorism

Police confirmed on Monday that Sunday’s mass run over in Waukesha (Wisconsin, United States), where 5 people died and 48 were injured during a Christmas parade, was not a terrorist attack.

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“There is no proof that this is a terrorist incident”said the head of the Police Department, Dan Thompson, in a press conference, in which he indicated that before the event the suspect, who was arrested, was involved in a “domestic altercation.”

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The alleged perpetrator of the outrage was identified by the authorities as Darren Brooks, 39, originally from Milwaukee, and, according to police, apparently he was acting alone.

An agent tried to neutralize him by opening fire on him, but due to the crowd gathered in the area due to the parade, he had to stop shooting to avoid victims of the shots.

Finally, Brooks was arrested not far from the area where the incident occurred and now faces five counts of intentional murder in the first degree.

Thompson added that due to the strong winds that were blowing in the area on Sunday, there was a drop in electricity, which complicated the response of the emergency services.

The outrage occurred as dance groups, school marching bands and politicians paraded down Main Street in Waukesha, a suburb of Milwaukee, after this Christmas march was suspended last year due to the pandemic.

At around 4:39 p.m. local time (10:39 p.m. GMT), the suspect, aboard a red SUV-type SUV, knocked down several fences set up for the parade and charged into the crowd, running over dozens of people, many of them minors.




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