USA: New York mafia attack, octogenarian boss arrested

“Everything in this investigation shows that history is repeating itself. The bowels of New York crime families are alive and well,” New York FBI official Michael Driscoll said in a statement. judicial authorities, after this crackdown.

Among the fourteen people charged, thirteen of whom were actually arrested in New York and New Jersey, are Andrew “Mush” Russo, 87, and “Benji” Castellazzo, 83, qualified respectively as “official boss” and first lieutenant within the Colombo, one of the five great families of the Italian-American mafia in the northeast of the United States, along with the Bonanno, the Gambino, the Genovese and the Lucchese.

The two men, who were to appear in Brooklyn federal court on Tuesday to rule on their detention, had already pleaded guilty in 2012 with other members of their criminal organization, to racketeering and illegal betting. Andrew Russo, already convicted seven times, was released from prison in 2013.

This time, members of the Colombo family are accused by the Brooklyn federal prosecutor’s office of multiple crimes, including racketeering and extortion, as they tried to infiltrate and take control of a union based in Queens, including getting their hands on their health benefits fund.

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