Vaccination of minors: the photo that caused a furor in networks with Mickey Mouse sad and worried

This Tuesday, October 12, the vaccination of minors between 3 and 11 years old with comorbidities began in the province of Buenos Aires, and from the official networks of the Buenos Aires health portfolio they communicated it with a photo that caused a furor in networks.

“Joy, love and hope are in each vaccination of @BAProvincia where our boys and girls are receiving the vaccine on the first day for children from 3 to 11 years old. In addition, the registration continues on the web and in the APP for those who have not yet signed up, “they wrote from the official account of the Ministry of Health.

However, in one of the photos they published, the character appears Mickey Mouse, from Disney, accompanying a girl who received the vaccine, with a particular worried and sad face, which generated all kinds of comments on the networks.

There is also Minnie Mouse, although she is smiling celebrating the beginning of vaccination for minors.

Vaccination of minors in the province of Buenos Aires

The last stage of the immunization campaign against Covid-19 agreed by the Federal Health Council began this Tuesday with the vaccination of children between 3 and 11 years old with comorbidities.

Carla Vizzotti announced the vaccination of minors between 3 and 11 years old with Sinopharm

During the weekend, they were distributed 2,006,300 doses of Sinopharm vaccine In the country and both in La Rioja and in Córdoba, the campaign for children began early.

The Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Nicolas Kreplak, indicated that 2,600,000 boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 11 are in a position to be vaccinated in the province, while pointing out that 289,389 doses have already been sent for that age group.

Meanwhile, in the City of Buenos Aires, the registration began last Friday, and this Tuesday they began to inoculate minors in the vaccination centers of La Rural and La Usina del Arte, with 3,070 cited for the first day.

The Ministry of Health of the Nation had announced last week that the province of Buenos Aires will receive 776,000 doses; to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires 135,000; to Catamarca 18,000; to Chaco 53,000; to Chubut 28,000; to Córdoba 166,000; to Corrientes 49,300; to Entre Ríos 61,000; and Formosa 27,000.

Meanwhile, Jujuy will receive 34,000 doses; to La Pampa 16,000; to La Rioja 17,300; to Mendoza 88,000; to Missions 56,000; to Neuquén 29,300; to Río Negro 33,000; to Salta 63,000; to San Juan 35,000; to San Luis 23,000; to Santa Cruz 16,000; to Santa Fe 156,000; to Santiago del Estero 43,200; to Tierra del Fuego 8,000 and to Tucumán 75,200.

In parallel, the arrival of doses of Pfizer, until completing the 20 million, and to be able to continue with the vaccination of adolescents between 12 and 17 years old.


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