Saskia Esken (60) is co-chair of the SPD party.

Debate about compulsory vaccination against the corona virus: Saskia Esken from the SPD does not expect a decision until March at the earliest.

Bonn – Before a possible vaccination against the Coronavirus comes in Germany, he has to Bundestag debate about it. The co-chair of SPD, Saskia Esken (60), assumes that a decision will be made in March at the earliest.

Saskia Esken (60) is co-chair of the SPD party. © Bernd von Jutrczenka/dpa

“In any case, we want to come to a decision in the first quarter, ideally at the beginning of March,” says Esken im phoenix-Interview this Saturday.

Until then, the parliament in the Bundestag will have enough time to intensively discuss the pros and cons of compulsory vaccination for all citizens in Germany.

“We are now in mid-January, we would then have half of January and the whole of February for the debate, which also takes place when we don’t have session weeks. We have all the time to debate the topic in depth,” said the SPD -Politician.

The current vaccination rate of 75 percent is not sufficient to stop the pandemic.

The politician said about this fact: “We have had to realize that we cannot achieve the vaccination rate we need through pure persuasion and that we obviously need vaccination.”

The SPD politician spoke out in favor of “compulsory vaccination from the age of 18”. In the SPD, she expects a high level of approval for the obligation: “I assume that the SPD will agree in large numbers.”

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