Vaccine, "Want to piss off", "Lie" Jean-Michel Trogneux, Candidacy of her husband

Invited to the TF1 newscast, Brigitte Macron spoke of her husband’s “desire to piss off the unvaccinated”, the President’s candidacy for a second term at the Elysee Palace, gave her opinion on the vaccine against covid- 19 and responded to rumors that she was male …

Brigitte Macron was interviewed on the thorny topics of the news, at 13h the TF1, January 12. The first lady, invited on the set to discuss the launch of the Yellow Pieces operation, as president of the Fondation Hôpitaux de Paris-Hôpitaux de France. Jacques Legros first asked her what she thought of the controversial sentence pronounced by Emmanuel Macron about the unvaccinated he had “want to piss off“. “As a former French teacher, you would never have said something like that?“, first asked the presenter of the JT. And the first lady to answer:”You’re catching me a little bit short … We’re a week away from commenting on this, so I’ve decided to no longer comment on comments… I had Rabelais study who also had a flowery language“.

Brigitte Macron has, however supported her husband in a subtle way, explaining that she was trying to “to look at what was behind this sentence“. “And behind this sentence, there is what is currently happening in hospitals. They will hold on, he must hold on and we have no other way“, she clarified.

Brigitte Macron: what she thinks of the Covid-19 vaccine

Also asked about the vaccination, the first lady first tried to evade the question: “I do not allow myself to comment on what a President says. I am not a doctor, I am not elected. Who am I on my side to go and tell people ‘go do this, go do that’? They wouldn’t understand. And I would understand that they don’t understand“.

But she ended up responding: “I tell the unvaccinated that personally, I’m getting vaccinated because there are no other solutions at the moment. When there are treatments, I will move on … But that’s not for me to say. I think I know where my box is“.

Brigitte Macron talks about the “lie” Jean-Michel Trogneux

Emmanuel Macron’s wife also returned to a false rumor which circulated about it, launched last November by the Twitter account “Le journal de la Macronie”, which does not share the ideas of the Head of State. Many internet users had declared that Brigitte Macron was in reality a man and that his real name was Jean-Michel Trogneux. The hashtag #JeanMichelTrogneux quickly found itself in the top trends of Twitter.

Asked to speak on this rumor, Brigitte Macron first said: “Of course, that’s a lie!“. The first lady has also decided to lodge a complaint. But the process can take a long time. “You need screenshots and all of the reported comments. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a little bit too long. It took me five and a half days to remove content from the internet, with lawyers who are well versed in the practice and who know how to proceed“, she detailed.

Macron, candidate for the election: what his wife “forbids”

The first lady also mentioned the possible her husband’s candidacy for the presidential election. “If I repeat what he said, I heard that he wanted to, but that he did not not yet made up his mind. Like you, I await his decision. We both talk a lot. But in the context of the presidential election, I would never want to influence him. It’s a story between a man and the French, and I don’t have to intervene. I forbid myself“, explained Brigitte Macron against Jacques Legros.

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