Vaccines: almost a million doses of AstraZeneca arrived donated by Spain Fotografia Ramiro Pereyra

They arrived in the country this Tuesday almost one million AstraZeneca vaccines donated by Spain using the Covax mechanism. In this way Argentina touches the 80 million doses received since the beginning of the immunization plan against the coronavirus, it was officially reported.

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This is the second departure from the Iberian country through the global mechanism for equitable access to vaccines.

The shipment with 960,400 AstraZeneca vaccines arrived from Spain This allows Argentina to reach the 79,514,855 units received since the beginning of the Vaccination Plan against COVID-19 that the national Government promotes throughout the territory.

Vaccines: almost a million doses of AstraZeneca arrived donated by Spain Fotografia Ramiro Pereyra (LVI /)

The shipment, which arrived at the Ezeiza International Airport at 6:00 p.m. on flight UC1102 of the LAN Cargo company, constitutes the third batch of vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 virus donated to the country by the Spanish Government.

Last August, Spain began donating 7.5 million doses to Latin American and Caribbean countries, out of the total of 22.5 million that it will donate globally through the Covax system and other multilateral mechanisms. In that framework, Argentina received 400,000 vaccines from AstraZeneca on August 22, and others 842,400 units on September 23, so This shipment totals 2,202,800 units supplied to the country by the Spanish Government.

Since the beginning of the campaign, the country received 79,514,855 doses of vaccine against SARS-CoV-2. Of this total, 14,183,210 correspond to Sputnik V (10,125,655 from component 1, and 4,057,555 from component 2), and 4,759,625 to Sputnik V produced in Argentina by Laboratorio Richmond (1,179,625 from the first component, and 3,580,000 of the second).

24,265,400 doses correspond to the AstraZeneca firm (580,000 from Covishield; 1,944,000 received by the COVAX mechanism, 18,989,000 from AstraZeneca and Oxford whose active ingredient was produced in Argentina; and 2,202,800 donated by Spain). While, 30,000,000 correspond to the Sinopharm laboratory, 3,500,000 to Moderna donated by the United States, 600,000 to Cansino and 2,206,620 to Pfizer.

According to the Public Vaccination Monitor, Until this afternoon, 60,449,494 doses were distributed throughout the territory, while applications total 54,353,322. In turn, 30,319,267 people started their scheme and 24,034,055 completed it, added the official information.

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