Valdés Mesa urges in Granma to govern with science and popular participation

Valdés Mesa takes a tour of Granma Photo: ACN.

Do government with science, and achieve truly integrated community work so that every process of transformation and social development has as its strength its popular roots, were key concepts highlighted this Thursday, in Granma, by the Cuban vice president, Salvador Valdés Mesa.

From the identification of priorities by the neighbors themselves, “the goal is for the neighborhood to function and constitute a fundamental pillar in the defense of the Revolution”, He said at the end of his visit to the municipality of Bayamo, included in the program of a more comprehensive government visit to the eastern province of Granma.

In district 154 of the Pedro Pompa district, an area identified as vulnerable and where several works of socioeconomic impact continue to advance, The leader learned details of what has been achieved to date, and spoke with community actors, local authorities and the territory, to whom he insisted on the importance of obtaining the real and effective participation of the people.

We will continue to be marked by material limitations, the still active COVID-19 pandemic and the effects of the North American blockade, But we must all push the search for solutions together, with the help, in addition, of the political and mass organizations, the workers and the institutions., so that there is true continuity, he stressed.

Parallel to the infrastructural transformations in the neighborhoods, he said, it is necessary to work on spirituality from culture, sports and healthy recreation, promoting the rescue of human values ​​and a good coexistence, in order to combat social problems such as alcoholism and other vices. .

“The goal is for the neighborhood to function and constitute a fundamental pillar in the defense of the Revolution,” said Valdés Mesa. Photo: ACN.

In prior exchange with the members of the Bayamo Municipal Administration Council, Valdés Mesa evaluated updated information on the process of modifications to the structure of the local body of People’s Power, and was interested in the creation and care of Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), the latter activity that must shed bureaucratic obstacles.

He stressed the need for greater training for public officials, as a guarantee for the agile and correct implementation of the powers and greater autonomy that the Constitution and the new laws of the Republic confer on the municipality.

Too deepened in the generation of jobs and the progress of the different local development programs and projects, in whose dynamics the government plays a determining role.

Interested in feeling first-hand the actions of the new forms of economic management, The Cuban vice president came to the rural settlement of Molino Rojo, where lies a new venture dedicated to the manufacture of products derived from the combustion of the marabou.; and he visited one of the materials manufacturing polygons of the medium-sized company Constructora Rosa La Bayamesa, in the city of Bayamo.

The tour began in the morning with a broad and critical meeting with managers, specialists and workers from the Arquímedes Colina Agroindustrial Azucarera Company, located in the Mabay community.

He was interested in the action of the new forms of economic management. Photo: ACN.

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