Mobile game console Steam Deck should reach its first users by the end of this year, and Valve is still working on a number of optimizations to help with performance and battery life. Now Valve has reached another milestone as he has begun shipping developer kits.

Valve on the blog informedthat the first limited batch of Steam Deck devkits is already being sent to select developers around the world. This means that the hardware is already in its final form and from the point of view of technology, nothing will change. The most important thing is already ready for mass production.

As can be seen in the photos, Valve sends a complete package including a nice case. The goal is for selected developers to be able to optimize their games for a smaller screen – typically mainly font size, menus or other elements that can be very difficult to see.

The specialty is the touch haptic control and accelerometer, which complement the classic levers and can expand and improve the gaming experience. From the point of view of computing hardware, this is a fairly common computer on the AMD platform, so there is no need for any major optimization on a specific chip.

Valve will also gather feedback to further improve software and processes for easy implementation of customizations from other developers.

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