Vandenbroucke predicts tough weeks in hopes of more certainty around Christmas

The Federal Minister of Health, Frank Vandenbroucke, was hardly reassuring on Wednesday in the House committee about the evolution of the pandemic in Belgium. He expects difficult weeks, he told MPs.

It will be very difficult weeks. Hopefully around Christmas there will be a little more certainty“, he declared on the occasion of the first monthly report on the activation of the pandemic law.

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In recent days, warnings from scientists have multiplied. According to the daily “The evening“, a consultation between the ten provincial governors was underway Wednesday, the content of which is the insufficiency of current measures. Within the government, time is also of concern.

We are unable to get rid of the virus. It is a painful observation. It is even possible that for a year, two years, three years, we will live in a situation where there will be waves of contamination which will mean that we will have to rely on vaccination and other measures. This is not what we had in mind at the beginning but with the Delta variant, there is a level of contagiousness such that it surprises us and plays tricks on us.“, underlined the minister.

There is no more time to waste to confer

In his eyes, there are not many possibilities other than those already known: limiting contact, wearing a mask, etc. “People who think this message can be abandoned are wrong“, he added, faced with the remarks of the opposition but also in the majority where the MR considers the current communication too anxiety-provoking.

The figures show a deteriorating situation. “There is no more time to waste to confer“, again warned Frank Vandenbroucke at a time when the provincial governors request an early meeting of the consultation committee.

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