Vanessa da Mata recalls the search for Candomblé: ‘I saw figures’

Image: Photo: Reproduction / Social networks

Vanessa da Mata sought spiritual answers in Candomblé. In an interview with Veja magazine, the singer revealed that she was only fine with her spiritual side after “closing her body” in the African matrix religion.

In the chat, the artist detailed that she saw figures at different times of the day, in addition to feeling the presence of “people” around her often.

“My grandmother was Catholic and a healer. Today, I’m from candomblé, but I was an atheist person, and I faced a moment in life when I was completely open. I didn’t know what was going on. I saw figures, people in front of me, energies that they weren’t human. Things that had no explanation. That’s when I looked for candomblé to close myself. To close the body, as they say”, she said.

The artist recently released a new album, “Vem Doce”, which marks her 20-year career. “My father wanted me to be a sertaneja singer — which he listens to incessantly. I think Brazil has phases. It already had axé and pagode. The sertanejo learned to impose itself and relies on money from agribusiness. Money rules, and many erases other styles that are out there”, completed the voice of “Boa Sorte”.

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