Vanina Escudero underwent emergency surgery: how her health is evolving

Vanina Escudero He had returned to Argentina to visit his family and be present on his sister Silvina’s birthday. However, her stay in Buenos Aires was complicated when she was admitted for abdominal discomfort. Doctors diagnosed him with “a hemorrhagic follicle.” Although in the first instance he was not going to undergo surgery, this Friday at dawn they operated on her urgently.

Karina Iavícoli commented on Intruders that the surgery was at the Olivos Clinic: “His health is improving. Silvina is in the care of her children “.

The panelist from The Mammons In the last hours she shared several photos with her nephews, Benicio and Joaquina, who will stay with her until her mother is discharged.

“Vanina had to be admitted again and underwent emergency surgery. She is still hospitalized. Getting better. We take turns caring for her. Most of the questions are about her health. I suppose he will tell you, ”Silvina wrote in one of her Instagram stories.

The express trip of Vanina Escudero and the surprise to Silvina Escudero

Since February, Vanina and her husband Álvaro Navia have settled in Uruguay. Although the couple was happy about this step in their lives, Silvina assured on more than one occasion that she misses her nephews a lot.

Vanina Escudero surprised Silvina Escudero on her birthday.  (Photo: Instagram escuderosilvina)
Vanina Escudero surprised Silvina Escudero on her birthday. (Photo: Instagram escuderosilvina)

So Vanina decided to surprise her sister. “This was one of the birthday surprises I wanted to tell you, after a year, the little sisters are together. But the most important thing is not you, The most important thing is that you brought my nephews, otherwise you didn’t go inSilvina said amusedly.

Why did Vanina Escudero and Álvaro Navia decide to settle in Uruguay

In May, Álvaro gave an interview in which he was happy to have bet to live in his native country. “It was something we had been planning for a long time and a little the quarantine accelerated our move to Uruguay ”, he commented in dialogue with Just in case.

He also remarked that they were very happy with the decision because they had achieved the tranquility that they went to seek. Along these lines, he elaborated: “It was a combo of things, but more than anything for my children, because when they tell me they want to go out to dance, in Buenos Aires I would be very afraid for The insecurity because it is an issue that concerns us all ”.

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