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The bonus complements the Relief Bonus for SMEs.


(Photo: UNO Agency)

The Coronavirus pandemic has not only affected the country in health matters, since the economic crisis derived from the closure of companies and the cessation of operation of various services, hit the Chilean pockets across the board. In terms of business, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MYPEs) were the most hurt by this situation, being on the verge of closure.

Thus, from the Government they came with individual bonds for the most vulnerable businesses and thus avoid its definitive closure. The SME Relief Bonus tops the list, while the Additional Variable Bonus complements said sum of money to pay the MYPEs in a good way.

Specifically, the Variable Additional Bonus corresponds to 3 times the VAT declared in 2019. Meanwhile, those who obtained the Mypes Relief Bonus, and owed contributions, must have allocated at least 30% of the amount of the bond to pay that debt, or the corresponding amount if the debt was less. You can check all the details here.

How and until when can I apply for the Additional Variable Bonus?

The Internal Revenue Service (SII) has enabled a portal with the benefits for small businesses. You can enter by clicking here. Applications will be open until Monday, October 18.

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