Various infringements identified in Limburg depot of pa... (Lummen)


On Tuesday morning, a coordinated action by various inspection services – RVA, RSZ, RIZIV, Vlabel, FPS Mobility – with the assistance of the police took place in the depot of parcel deliverer DPD in Lummen (Limburg). Various social law violations were established during the raid, confirms the Antwerp labor prosecutor, Hasselt department.


Today at 4:49 PM

Among other things, undeclared work was found, but also employment of a few people without authorization to stay in Belgium, bogus self-employment, violations of the unemployment regulations, and numerous infringements of the regulations on part-time work.

The inspection services will draw up an official report of their findings and transfer it to the labor inspectorate for further follow-up, it sounds. The Labor Prosecutor emphasizes that the deposit was never sealed at any time.

The nine other depots of parcel beggar DPD were not hit. According to a spokesperson, drivers and parcels have left with some delay, but there is “no significant” impact.

On Monday, the social inspectorate, the RVA and customs invaded three of the nine depots of competitor PostNL. The site in Wommelgem was sealed: the inspectorate found infringements related to undeclared work and part-time work.

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