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Players who embezzled the Rio team against Remo recover from physical problems

Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF - Cayo Tenório, right-back for Vasco
Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF – Cayo Tenório, right-back for Vasco

After the stumble against Remo that ended up resulting in a 2-2 draw last Friday (19), Vasco will have the chance to end the season with a positive result against Londrina next Sunday (28), at Café stadium, home of the Paraná opponent. And for this mission, the Rio club can count on important returns in the cast.

So far, interim coach Fábio Cortez is still looking forward to Cayo Tenório and Marquinhos Gabriel. The right-back was even related to the match against Remo, but was cut due to a trauma to his left knee he suffered in the last training session. The player will undergo a reassessment on Monday (22), but according to Vasco, the situation is not worrying.

Now, Marquinhos Gabriel continues in transition work after a sprained ankle. However, there is the possibility that the striker will be recovered until next Sunday (28), but as he is currently at the end of his contract and with remote chances of renewal, it may be that he will be left out of the last round to be preserved.

In addition, the Cruz Maltina team will not have the presence of Andrey, Walber, Léo Jabá and Zeca, who had their vacation early and will not face Londrina. Miranda, suspended by Conmebol, Michel and Sarrafiore, in the medical department, are also out. Vasco currently occupies the 9th place in the B Series of the Brazilian Championship.

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