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Lima, September 14, 2021Updated on 09/14/2021 11:56 pm

The Organization of Venezuelans Persecuted Politicians in Exile (Veppex) described this Tuesday as a “mockery” the inclusion of the Colombian businessman Alex Saab, alleged front man of President Nicolás Maduro and detained in Cape Verde since 2020, in the negotiations that are taking place in Mexico.

SIGHT: Venezuela incorporates the alleged greatest figurehead of Maduro in the dialogue in Mexico

“The request of the Maduro regime is a slap to the countries of the international community that have supported this negotiating table and an affront to the Government of the United States,” said Veppex, based in Miami, in a statement.

This Tuesday, the head of the delegation of the Government of Venezuela in the dialogues with the opposition, Jorge Rodríguez, reported the incorporation of Saab, who has been detained in Cape Verde since June 2020 and requested in extradition by the United States, where he is accused. money laundering.

Veppex recalled that Saab, whose extradition was endorsed last week by the Constitutional Court of that island country, “is accused of being the main figurehead of the Nicolás Maduro regime.”

The exile organization said that the opposition “should never have sat at this table with the Nicolás Maduro regime.”

He criticized that the opposition has remained “silent and without reaction to the tyranny’s request to include Alex Saab.”

Saab’s lawyers announced on Monday that they will seek clarification from the Constitutional Court of Cape Verde after last week endorsed the constitutionality of his extradition.

Saab’s extradition was approved on March 17 by the Supreme Court of that West African island country.

The Government of Venezuela and the opposition began a negotiation with the opposition on August 13, based in Mexico, which will have a new round, the third so far, between September 24 and 27.

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