Venezuela rejects UK hostility over elections |  News

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela expressed this Thursday its rejection of the statements of its British counterpart, the Foreing Office, which questioned the validity of the regional and municipal elections held last Sunday in the South American nation, in which it triumphed so The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) is unobjectionable.


Venezuela condemns interference statements by Colombia on elections

In its note, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry recalls that the elections of November 21 were held with the most absolute normality and civility.

In addition, it states that the United Kingdom introduced what it called unacceptable qualifiers when assessing the results of the democratic exercise.

According to Caracas, the statements made in the aforementioned London pronouncement reveal what they qualify as hostile political intentions against the Venezuelan government and people, and constitute an unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign country.

In this sense, Venezuela values ​​that the position of the United Kingdom thus gives continuity to an agenda of aggression towards the South American country and its institutional framework.

Similarly, Venezuela called on the United Kingdom to put aside the disrespect, interference and colonial practices that have characterized what it called its erratic foreign policy, while urging it to rectify the equivocal content of the aforementioned text. .

The Venezuelan communiqué recalls that the participation of the political sectors in the elections and the accompaniment of more than 300 international observers and electoral accompaniment missions, certify the existence of a vibrant democracy and the robustness of one of the most audited electoral systems in the world.

Finally, the note expresses that Venezuela, despite the regime change policies promoted by the United Kingdom, will continue to strengthen the vitality of its participatory and protagonist democracy and reiterates to that country, in the most energetic way, the request for immediate return of the Venezuelan gold that is seized in the British vaults.

In Sunday’s elections, the ruling party won by a large majority and took 18 of the 23 governorships.

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