Venezuelan Vice President highlights that elections strengthen democracy |  News

The executive vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, exercised her right to vote at the “Pedro Mendoza” Basic School and stressed that these regional and municipal elections will strengthen democracy while urging citizens to vote in mega-elections.


Regional and municipal elections progress normally in Venezuela

“We are happy to consolidate the democratic process and the participation of the Venezuelan people,” said the governor, before highlighting that the elections are a response to the interventionists who seek to give orders to the country.

“More than 21 million Venezuelans are participating. That is above, it is sacred. The vote, popular sovereignty is sacred ”, added the vice president of the country.

“This election is transcendental for the path of the Republic,” he stressed, while specifying that almost 70,000 male and female candidates will seek to be elected in 3,000 positions. As he reflected, of these 65,000 are from the oppositions that are participating.

The Venezuelan official expressed her joy at feeling represented as female, since 49.44 percent of the candidates are women. “We are approaching parity a little bit. I tell you as a woman that I am very happy that we have also made progress in that regard ”.

Rodríguez praised the work of the more than 300 international observers and friends of Venezuela who defend the truth of the country in the world.

“The Venezuelan people want peace, they want tranquility, they want development, they want stability, they want economic growth,” said the vice president about the message that the elections want to convey.

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