Venezuelans will be able to accredit their university degrees in Colombia

Caracas, Nov 23 (EFE) .- Migrants from Venezuela in Colombia will be able to accredit their university degrees in the Andean country, through a service launched through an agreement between the representation of Juan Guaidó in the neighboring nation and the Government of Iván Duque, the opposition sector reported Tuesday .

“Given the difficulty that arises in Venezuela to apostille higher education degrees, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia and the Border Management”, in coordination with the Venezuelan opposition, adopted “a temporary, transitory, expeditious, exceptional and alternative »to validate studies completed in the Caribbean country.

The procedure will be carried out before the Guaidó representative office in Colombia with a “consular certification on validity, legitimacy and authenticity” of the documents issued by legally recognized higher education institutions in Venezuela.

In order to access this certification, applicants must be registered in the Consular Single Registry (RUC), and then make the request online, through the page, where they must fill out the corresponding form and provide some documents .

Once the information has been verified, the people who have made the request will receive, via email, the certification, which must be subsequently legalized through the website, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

This measure is part, as detailed by the Venezuelan opposition, of the “comprehensive immigration policy adopted by the Colombian Government, which seeks to ensure respect for human dignity, well-being and protection of this population.”

However, the implementation of this temporary mechanism does not exempt from the process of validation of titles provided by the authorities, but “represents an opportunity for these citizens to meet requirements and initiate their procedures legally and in accordance with Colombian requirements and norms.” .

According to Migración Colombia, in the Andean country there are 1,842,390 registered Venezuelan migrants, with a cut off to the month of August, which is 99,463 more people than at the beginning of the year.

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