Véronique Genest, angry in TPMP: "I am Islamophobic"

Véronique Genest shamelessly affirmed it in Touche Pas à Mon Poste: she is “Islamophobic”. Faced with the chroniclers of Cyril Hanouna, the actress got annoyed …

Veronique genest shocked (again). Guest on the set of TPMP, on November 23, the 65-year-old actress wished to react to the allegations of one of his former colleagues in Julie lescaut, Leslie Coutterand. The latter had accused the actress of uttering “daily racist and radical comments“at the time of the shooting. Accusations which did not surprise the columnist Gilles Verdez, who told Véronique Genest, in the program of Cyril Hanouna:”You spend your time banging on people“. And to add:”You said: ‘If being Islamophobic is being afraid, then yes I am Islamophobic.’ But I’m sorry, this is wrong madam“. Not enough to calm the ardor of the actress, who let go shamelessly:”Indeed, if phobia means fear, then yes i am islamophobic, because I am afraid“.

Véronique Genest calls Gilles Verdez a “moron”

The racist and radical remarks have you ever held them? Why would your colleague make that up? She’s been off the show for years “, was indignant Gilles Verdez. Words that angered Véronique Genest. “Do you want me to attack you with her for libel?“, she blurted out, before he replied:”Sorry? What are you attacking me for? For your hypocritical monstrosities? Attack me I will be proud of it“.
The atmosphere was decidedly tense on the set. After this clash with the chronicler of TPMP, the 65-year-old actress told him: “I knew you weren’t very smart, but then stupid at this point“.

Matthieu Delormeau, pissed off against Véronique Genest

Gilles Verdez was far from being the only one annoyed by Véronique Genest, on set. The chronicler Matthieu Delormeau also shared his impressions with the former interpreter of Julie Lescaut: “What I don’t like with you Véronique, I don’t know if it is systematically to exist or to hurt people, but whether on Islam, whether on vaccine or whether it is on assisted reproduction (…) Systematically, your tweets are made to hurt, to hurt and for you to exist“.

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