Vicente Fox. "While some dine in luxury restaurants, others dine atole", says Fox by Emilio Lozoya

The controversy does not stop over the images that the journalist Lourdes Mendoza would upload about the former director of Pemex, Emilio Lozoya, who appears eating in a luxurious restaurant while undergoing a criminal process of operations with resources of illicit origin, since now Vicente Fox also nothing was saved about it.

According to, the former president of the Republic, Vicente Fox He did not miss the opportunity to post comments on the photos where he was captured on his social networks Emilio Lozoya as if nothing while facing a process.

It was through his Twitter account, where Vicente Fox He said that while Emilio Lozoya eats in a luxurious restaurant as if nothing else while facing a process “others dine atole.”

While some dine in luxury restaurants, others dine atole “, were the words that Vicente Fox published on his social networks.

In addition, Vicente Fox made it clear that there are offers like Lozoya’s to eat without any problem in luxurious restaurants while you are investigated.

If you are a criminal and justice is looking for you, take advantage of the Lozoya Offer. Blame Anaya, Meade or Calderón and we forgive you for your crimes, we respect your property and you will be able to give yourself the high life, ”reiterated Vicente Fox.

For his part, the former president of Mexico Felipe Calderón He took the opportunity to write on his networks and express that now “home roots include going to luxurious restaurants.”

Good morning to everyone from a country where home roots include going to luxury restaurants, as long as you’ve ‘only’ looted PEMEX and, therefore, the nation, ”Felipe Calderón published.


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