Vidal criticized Kicillof's free graduate trips: "The lack of classes is not fixed with money"

The candidate for deputy for Juntos, Maria Eugenia Vidal, he pointed against the Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillof, and the granting of free graduate trips to students from the province of Buenos Aires. “The lack of classes is not fixed with money”, Held.

In statements issued in LN+, Vidal He said in reference to the measure promoted by the governor: “You have to understand the problems that cannot be fixed with money. My children cried because they couldn’t go to school. I insist, the lack of classes is not fixed with money “.

Immediately afterwards, he declared: ” The budget that Axel Kicillof He is going to assign to the trips of graduates is greater than the one that the Minister of Education, Jaime Perczyk, is going to assign him to look for 1,300,000 boys who left school“.

The sayings of the deputy candidate come after Kicillof made official from Villa Gesell, together with the deputy candidate Victoria Tolosa Paz, said benefit for 220 thousand girls and boys, to whom we owe a contribution from the State. “

The account made by the Buenos Aires governor spoke of “trips and packages for up to 30 thousand pesos per student, to travel in February, March and April next to Buenos Aires destinations “ either “on the Atlantic coast, lakes or rural destinations”.

Meanwhile, and with regard to the city of Buenos Aires, the former governor compared: “It was noted that in the city there were 45 more days of school, that we stood up and went to the Supreme Court to defend the opening of schools. The concern was noted“.

María Eugenia Vidal: “My role will be to stop the nonsense of Kirchnerism”

Vidal on Cristina Kirchner: “She is a monstrosity of a vice president”

In a previous interview with A24, Vidal spoke of Vice President Cristina Kirchner. He maintained that if he met her in person, I would ask you to “support the president you elected” and “take charge of 40% of poverty, 11 of unemployment and the 115 thousand SMEs that closed.”

“I think there is no doubt that the one who governs today is Cristina, I said it from the first day, but today it is more evident,” he added then to comment later: “Cristina is a monstrosity of a vice president who is president and the president who does not preside”.

Returning to her most recent television dialogue, the candidate for deputy made a small mention of the intersection between the Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, and the cartoonist Nik. “With Nik there is no crack, the one who does not want to understand is that he does not want to.”

In the last sections of the interview, he considered that “it is more than evident that this is a threat” and ended up criticizing Fernandez: “He is not someone with whom you can agree anything. But beyond people, values ​​are not negotiated.”


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