VIDEO Assault to a combi in Edomex: Thieves rob public transport in Naucalpan

Mexico state. – Again, a assault on combi in Edomex was captured by the unit’s security cameras. On this occasion, the events occurred in Naucalpan, on Wednesday around 7:24 a.m., on the Minas Palace Avenue, at the height of San Rafael Chamapa.

In the video you can see how two men in sweatshirts and caps get on the transport and begin to threaten the six passengers who traveled inside the unit, to later strip them of their belongings.

One of the thieves, at gunpoint, threatens users and searches inside one’s pockets, when struggling, the thief hits him on the head and takes his cell phone.

The second thief goes up and asks the passengers for cell phones again. “Camera, phone“Said at the same time pointed a gun and then put cell phones in the backpack.

When getting off the transport, the thieves warn not to call the police and flee. The robbery took place in 30 seconds approximately.

(With information from The Graphic)


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