[Video] Fight in the Metro: pushes and even knives were seen at Ayurá Station

In a video recorded by a user of the Medellin Metro On the night of this Wednesday, October 13, on one of the platforms, the moment in which a fight began was recorded.

Video: Denunciations Antioquia

The train arrived at the station full of citizens, opened its doors and immediately some users who were waiting wanted to enter the hard way, so much so that the moment was stressed, the moment was approaching to hear the sound that warns of the closing of doors and this caused that users push themselves hard to give space and thus enter.

A Metro user took out a knife and attacked another

In the middle of the fight, a man became so angry that he even took out what is presumed to be a knife and attacked someone who would have pushed him.

Panic increased, the armed man quickly got on the train and left.

Until the time of publication of this note, the physical condition of the man who was attacked with the knife is unknown.

The Medellín Metro has not yet commented on what happened.

News in development.

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