[Video] I was hungry!  A thief took a home market

A video circulates in social networks in which an alleged thief is observed who stealthily enters a house to vacate the kitchen.

Video: @productordumas

In the recording, a subject is seen who first passes on a motorcycle, then returns on foot, conceals until he manages to be unnoticed, reaches the door of the house, easily opens it and enters.

In the recording, it is observed how the alleged thief reaches the room and although he sees the computer and other valuable items, he does not give them importance; Well, she decides to fill her bag with only food.

Upon seeing the recording of the robbery, one of the inhabitants of the house pointed out, “my question is what are we going to eat now? (…) If the cell phone had been taken, one would easily be cut off, but the market would be taken away (…) ».

The publication has received several comments, some of solidarity, others questioning what happened and other netizens simply scoff.

The images were recorded in the municipality of Apartadó, in Urabá Antioqueño.

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