Celaya: works on the Tresguerras Bridge have progressed by 20%

Eight men with long weapons committed a kidnapping in Cancun Quintana Roo.

In a video it is observed that the gunmen arrived in two vans to subdue a man who was leaving a subdivision in front of a gate and behind a red truck in Haciendas del Caribe.

The eight men were dressed in black and with long weapons, who beat their victim and handcuffed him to put him in a truck.

VIDEO They capture kidnapping in Cancun and find abandoned victim’s van

Hours later, the victim’s truck, a red Durango, was found abandoned.

The vehicle was found about three kilometers from where its driver was kidnapped, and his whereabouts were not reported.

The victim wore a white shirt and bermuda shorts.

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(With information from Milenio and MegaNews)


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