VIDEO Minor with cancer.  Mother of a minor with cancer kneels before deputies of Morena, asks them for medicines

After the shortage of medicines for various treatments in the country, Debora Medina Hernandez, a mother of a 14-year-old with cancer has gone through hell giving her son more life expectancy by trying to get him medicine.

According to, Deborah faced with the despair of seeing his son, Carlos Estrada Medina suffer from the lack of medicines when suffering Langerhans cell histiocytosis in 2009, a type of cancer that leads to diabetes insipidus and hormonal dysfunction, knelt in the middle of the Chamber of Deputies before Morena legislators to beg for medicines for his son with cancer.

The events were captured on video where you can see Debora Medina, mother of little Carlos kneel down begging the deputies of Morena to support a point of agreement of the PAN in order for the government to guarantee medicines to Kids with cancer.

The events occurred during the presentation of a point of agreement by the PAN deputy, Mariana Gómez del Campo, in urging the federation to solve ‘urgently and permanently’, the shortage of all medications to treat cancer in all the modalities that are experienced in Mexico.

In her message, Mariana Gómez del Campo was clear in her message by saying that ‘it has been a cruelty what the relatives and the sick of Cancer‘by not having medications for their treatments.

What has happened to them and to each of their families has been an enormous cruelty. In the budget we can perfectly put a resource to attend what Mexico had already given to these boys and these girls, which were free treatment and a supply of medicines, “said Mariana Gómez del Campo.

At the time the deputy gave her message, Débora Medina, mother of the minor with cancer, walked to the Morena bench and got down on his knees to beg for help.

Please help us ”, requested the mother of the child with cancer.

Given this, the deputy of Morena, Merary Villegas responded of the need to pull everyone in the same way.

If you recognize and assume the responsibility you have with the government, we all pull, everything is being done, “replied Morena’s deputy, Merary Villegas.


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