Although in the video it is clearly seen that the recording date was more than 3 months ago, August 6, 2021, in social networks acquired notoriety this Wednesday night, promoted for example by the representative Inti Asprilla.

The congressman asked that the institution and the mayor Claudia López act in this regard: “A public statement to the public of rejection and immediate sanction is warranted“.

In addition to the multiple reactions of various citizens, who said that it had occurred in the Patio Bonito sector, the district government secretary, Luis Ernesto Gómez, referred to the issue: “All my condemnation of this miserable behavior of a member of the Police with an informal saleswoman, “he wrote on your Twitter account.

“Our priority is to go after criminals not humble workers who earn their livelihood honestly,” he added.

This is the video, shared by both:

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The Police came up with the issue and confirmed that they are old images that have already gone through the proper disciplinary process that ended with the responsible removed from his position.

Likewise, it indicated that it proceeded in accordance with the law to clarify the situation and clarify the circumstances, for which reason the woman was also replaced with the affected implements.

This was the police statement:

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