VIDEO: Police make homophobic comment to a man who refused inspection in Puebla

The victim shared the video on his social networks to denounce how he was surrounded by at least three elements of the SSC-Puebla.

Mexico City, February 10 (However).- A police officer from the Citizen Security Secretariat (SSC) of Pueblaidentified as Miguel A. Cortesthrew a insult homophobic against a citizen for refusing an alleged prevention review.

“Maricón”, said the uniformed man to the victim, who denounced on social networks the moment in which he was surrounded by at least three municipal police officers when he was walking through the streets of the state’s capital.

According to the man who transmitted his arrest, he assured that there was no reason to do so, however, the police officer justified that he was detaining him because he was a “lawyer”, and immediately insulted him.

The video that has been circulating on social networks for a few hours reveals that the uniformed men were traveling aboard an SSC patrol, a unit in charge of Consuelo Cruz Galindo.

During the last months, municipal police officers have been linked to various scandals, however, neither the Mayor of Puebla, Eduardo Rivera Pérez, nor other authorities have ruled on the matter, nor is it known that there has been any sanction.

One of the most representative cases occurred on December 24, 2022, when four municipal police officers were arrested for a shooting that ended the life of a man due to the injuries caused to three more people in the Reforma Sur neighborhood of the capital of Puebla.

The Municipal Police went to the scene, but were attacked by the inhabitants. Photo: SSC Puebla

Also, this week it was announced that traffic police attached to the same SSC, imposed a fine of eight thousand pesos on a driver for parking on the sidewalk, when the penalty should have been 800 pesos.

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