VIDEO: Robber throws himself into sewage to escape in Ecatepec; is arrested

The subject would have robbed a couple who was aboard their car on Recursos Hidráulicos avenue with a firearm.

State of Mexico, February 12 (AFondo).- Elements of the Directorate of Public Safety and Transit of Ecatepec with the support of jaguar helicopter 1managed to arrest a subject who threw himself into a sewage channel to try to escape, after stripping a couple of their vehicle in the streets of this municipality.

On Saturday morning, municipal police officers pursued a subject who had robbed a couple of their vehicle on Recursos Hidráulicos avenue.

The officers reported that a woman was the one who requested the help of the municipal police, after moments before a subject had robbed her of her vehicle, threatening her with a firearm.

The alleged assailant threw himself into a sewage canal to avoid being arrested. Photo: Twitter @enlamiramx

The municipal agents began tracking and pursuing the March 2021 model vehicle. However, when the alleged thief realized that the officers were chasing him, he joined the Circuito Exterior Mexiquense where he hit another vehicle.

Finding himself cornered, the alleged criminal opted to leave the car on the highway and continue his escape on foot, jumping into the sewage canal that crosses the Las Américas subdivision.

However, thanks to the coordination of the municipal police officers and the support of the Jaguar 1 helicopter crew, the alleged offender was located.

Luis Eder Gómez Vázquez, an operational technician from the Municipal Police, entered the water channel to seize Alejandro “N”, who suffered injuries when he jumped into the canal.

After being arrested for his alleged participation in the commission of the crime of vehicle theft with violence and possession of a firearm, the subject was transferred to the Las Américas hospital where he received medical attention after ingesting sewage in his attempt to escape.

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