The last straw!  Too outrageous!  Parents continue to find damaged food in schools in Antioquia
Captured images of food

A Minute30 videos continue to arrive of the delicate situation that exists in schools in San Juan de Urabá and Arboletes, Antioquia. The parents have found buried food and others hidden, but which should have been given to the children.

A mother with a broken voice but evidently full of rage, she recounted, “It makes us want to cry when we find quantities of expired food and thus there is still the nerve to say that what we are saying and denouncing is a lie and that the food that is here is not from the PAE but from third parties”.

The last week of October, firefighters and students from a school in San Juan de Urabá found hundreds of loaves buried in the courtyard of that school and a few days later, parents revealed that they also found in the courtyard of their children’s school, In Arboletes, bags of milk and buried rice.

The discovery of food in bad condition will be reported

Faced with this outrageous panorama, Deputy Camilo Calle spoke, «The school feeding of children with public resources is an issue that we take very seriously, what is happening in San Juan de Urabá and Arboletes with a symphony of complaints by citizens with videos and photographs of spoiled food and buried in land is very worrying.

The Deputy announced that these same families who made the discovery would be charging them for delivering food from the School Feeding Program (PAE).“Children are being charged for giving them food that has already been paid for with resources from the Government of Antioquia and the municipalities,” precise.

And he added, “Peasant children need to have a good diet and it is a very big effort that is made by the institutions with public resources so that situations like those that the municipality of Arboletes and San Juan are experiencing do not happen, it is a shame” .

For now, he indicated that he will make the respective complaint to the Antioquia Government and the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic so that they may intervene soon in these municipalities.

For their part, the parents demand an explanation that has not reached them, since the Rector of the institution who is incapacitated has not come forward. Minute30 He consulted the Secretary of Education of both municipalities about this worrying situation and they did not comment.

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