VIDEO: This is how the cameras will record - How the out-of-court settlement will be paid

In order to reduce serious and deadly traffic accidents, the first fixed cameras have been installed to detect violations.

Fixed cameras will be installed in various parts of Cyprus. At the same time, mobile cameras have been put into operation. The traffic light system will be able to detect violations of the speed limit, red light and mandatory stop line.

If it detects any of these violations the flash lights up and then the system checks for the non-use of a seat belt or helmet and driving with non-free hands.

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In case of violation, the driver’s position as well as the registration plates on the front or rear of the vehicle are photographed.
The information is then transferred to the system.

So the owners of the vehicles are located and an extrajudicial letter is sent to them with a registered letter.

Payment is made online through the Police website through an official payment provider.

An out-of-court code number is given to access the details of the violation.

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This is done through

Driving too fast and violating the red light not only increases the risk of a collision but also the likelihood of serious or fatal injury.

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