Wilmar Roldán became one of the protagonists of the good football game that Deportes Quindío and Deportivo Pereira starred in at the close of date 13 of the BetPlay League.

Despite the fact that a penalty was whistled for the ‘Cuyabros’After analyzing the action with the VAR and on the screen next to the playing field, the Antioqueño determined that the launch from the white spot of the penalty was not correct and reversed the penalty that he had already indicated.

The fact unleashed a great controversy because for the majority of viewers and attendees of the Centenario stadium, in Armenia, Yes, there was a penalty and this was stated to the referee at the exit of the sports arena.

A small group of fans reproached Roldán for the decisions he made on the field of play and he did not like that, so he decided to answer them, something that is not usual in referees.

“Pitalo you, huev …”, Wilmar told one of the Quindío fans who said “that was a penalty, teacher” And he did it with politeness and respect, for the context.

Video of Wilmar Roldán against a Quindío fan

The referee’s image was released in the local media and Region Cafetera TV was one of those that first showed these images:

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