Vienna Opera Ball: Stars like Jane Fonda & Chris Noth are coming

A box costs from 13,300 euros

For the director of the Vienna State Opera, Bogdan Roščić (58), it is the first opera ball: “Of course I’m particularly looking forward to the opening program,” he told the Austrian media.

As in previous years, the Opera Ball is completely sold out. A normal admission ticket costs 350 euros, stage boxes 13,300 euros, tier boxes even 23,600 euros.

The Vienna Opera Ball is also an event of superlatives in other respects: 320 employees are responsible for gastronomy and hospitality, serving over 1200 bottles of sparkling wine and champagne, 900 bottles of wine, 900 bottles of beer, 2500 pairs of sausages and 1300 goulash soups. The State Opera is decorated with 171 flower arrangements and 480 flower arrangements.

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