Vienna Opera Ball: The 5 best films with Jane Fonda

The old friends Fred and Mick share their idyllic holiday home in the mountains, but have completely different ideas when it comes to their later work. While famed composer Fred indulges in sweet idleness, busy director Mick fuels his latest film project, which threatens to fall apart at the whims of his muse Brenda. Fred’s recovery, however, is disturbed by an emissary from Buckingham Palace: The Queen herself would like to hear the “Simple Songs” guided by their creator herself – an offer that Fred refuses. He would rather relax with his friend Mick, philosophize about life and comment on the other guests’ quirks.

With fantastically surreal images, director Paolo Sorrentino tells the story of the passage of time, of friendship, love, generational conflicts and how old age changes the way you see things and can explode dimensions. Jane Fonda plays the muse Brenda here and shows even in old age that she can still shine in front of the camera.

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