Viih Tube gets emotional when seeing her daughter’s room for the 1st time; watch

Viih Tube did not hold back the tears when he saw, for the first time, the little room of his daughter called Lua. In the video published on social networks, this Saturday (25), Eliezer appears entering the room first. He gets emotional and then calls the ex-sister.

The young woman enters the lilac-decorated space with her eyes closed. And when she found that everything was ready, she cries and says: “My God, love! It doesn’t even look like the same place! It turned out really good!”praised her (watch below).

The room has moons and many stars scattered across the wall. In addition, there are bears, children’s clothes and lots of pillows. Viih Tube is in the final stretch of pregnancy and has left everything ready for the long-awaited moment of motherhood.

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