Viih Tube reveals Ivete Sangalo’s tip on postpartum life: ‘You can’t have sex’

Marcelo, Marina and Helena’s mother, Ivete Sangalo gave advice to the couple and first-time parents: Viih Tube and Eliezer. Other celebrities such as Bianca Andrade, Arthur Aguiar and Douglas Silva also spoke with the former BBBs about what life will be like for two after Lua arrives.

“Viih knows everyone in the artistic world. I never asked to meet anyone. But I asked Ivete. I told her to write, ‘My boyfriend really wants to meet you, can he?’”said Eli in an interview with the EXTRA newspaper.

“I thought we were going to take a picture and say goodbye. But she had us in the dressing room and was giving us tips for hours, she was the most loving person in the world. There was a funny moment, she said to Eli: ‘My son, there’s nothing you can do. Can’t get laid, no. You’ll have to know how to hold on there, it’s a man’s job at that moment’. Damn! Seeing Ivete talk to you about postpartum sex is like in five seconds reaching an intimacy of years, you know?”, she recalled laughing. It is worth remembering that Ivete Sangalo has been married to Daniel Cady since 2011.

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