Village Faces. Sandra Pinto, the sculptor from Santo António do Baldio | Public Podcasts

In this episode we go to Alentejo, to the municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz and to the village of Santo António do Baldio. Let’s meet Sandra Pinto, a 48-year-old woman, born and raised in Lisbon and trained in geography. Sandra was a teacher for six years. She switched from teaching to figuring in clay and started dreaming of a house in the countryside for renovation. But when her husband terminated his contract with the company where he worked, they decided to anticipate the idea. And at age 40, with two teenage daughters, they changed their lives and went to live in the village where they had a holiday home. They arrived in 2012, and life in the Alentejo only increased Sandra’s artistic creativity. The Alentejo, the cante, the compadres, the neighbors are all in the clay figures that Sandra Pinto sells everywhere.

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A Faces of the Village platform is a project by journalist Luísa Pinto, blogger Filipe Morato Gomes, videographer Tiago Cerveira and composer Daniel Pereira Cristo. The voiceover is by Sónia Borges.

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