Violence in Brussels, time to take stock: "I will never tolerate the city being taken hostage by thugs"

Nine police officers were injured during the protest against sanitary measures. Many thugs will still be arrested.

The scars of the overflows that occurred during the demonstration against sanitary measures were still clearly visible in the streets of Brussels on Monday. Scenes worthy of urban guerrilla warfare are circulating on social media, with police cars destroyed and shops looted. We can thus see an unmarked car being demolished by thugs equipped with batons, iron bars and traffic signs. The windows were completely demolished. Ditto for a van in the Brussels Capital Ixelles police zone trapped on the small belt but from which the police managed to extricate themselves at the last minute.

More disturbing: two cars of the canine brigade of the Brussels North police zone were also damaged, with a police dog trapped in the vehicle. “The dog was in a vehicle located in front of the town hall of Saint-Josse when the thugs demolished the windows. He was quickly rescued by the police from the local device located nearby and did not suffer from any injury”, assures Audrey Dereymaecker, spokesperson for the Bruno zone. “Regarding the human toll, we have three police officers slightly injured, including two from the traffic service who managed the closure of the roads, and a colleague from the security service who received a projectile in the foot.”

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