Violent protests in Belgium and the Netherlands against measures due to COVID

The same photo of Hatim Khagat from the agency France Press (AFP) is today on the cover of several European newspapers… I find it in Scotland’s Scotsman, also in the first in El País, in Spain… a photo that shows the violent protests in Belgium and the Netherlands against measures because of the pandemic. It’s the title in the subtitle in El País…

In the headline of the biggest Spanish daily, another theme: The EU plans more lenient fiscal rules for fear of another recession… The European Commission considers it impossible to strictly return to the rules of the Stability Pact, which set limits on the deficit and debt of the States by pressure from Germany during the 2010-2014 crisis and which were suspended due to the pandemic. Brussels launched the process and consensus for reform quickly emerged.

In the opening pages, ss regional elections in Venezuela that “open a way to reactivate dialogue”… the opposition participated for the first time, there were European observers, Maduro asks that the results be skewered… AND The presidential elections that confirm Chile’s social fracture … Yesterday, Chileans took the first step towards electing a new president. Far from the 50% needed to win in the first round, the first results anticipated a deeply polarized scenario between the far right represented by José Antonio Kast, and the left of Gabriel Boric, a student leader, forged in the heat of social protests in October 2019. With half of the votes counted, Kast and Boric obtained 28.6 and 24.4% of the votes, guaranteeing the first and second place and with that the passage to the tie-breaker scheduled for December 19th.

In Voz da Galicia… Galician remains the majority language in 80% of the municipalities… Three quarters of the population registered in Galicia speak Galician, losing to the latest data from the Galician Statistics Institute (IGE). A little over 30% always speak this language, a percentage similar to Catalan in Catalonia and ten points higher than Euskera in the Basque Country.

The heat ahead… it’s not the warm autumn… it’s the ones that make it burn… red-hot inflation on the front page of the French daily Liberation… in energy, in real estate, in raw materials… in Europe, but above all in the US, prices are at an increase that has not been seen in many years… increasing unrest in Franca. Liberation recalls a famous phrase: Inflation is like toothpaste. Once it comes out of the tube, it’s hard to get it back. Therefore, it is best not to squeeze the tube too tightly. Karl-Otto Poehl, a German economist, then chairman of the Bundesbank said as much in 1980, when authorities were fighting rising prices in Europe.

In the State of São Paulo, Brazil should have the worst result of emerging economies in 2022… The forecasts of five large banks and consultancies point to a GDP growth of 0.8% to 1.9%. The IMF, on the other hand, forecasts an increase of 1.5%, against an average of 5.1% for the economies of emerging powers.

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