Full image of the viral challenge.  (Photo: Great Guru)

The viral challenges still remain in the preference of users of social networks What Facebook. Why? For the simple reason that they give us great moments of fun, but also because they help us improve our cognitive abilities, since these visual puzzles They present us with real challenges that, in many cases, give us more than one headache.

And it is that, with the coronavirus pandemic, governments around the world began to implement biosecurity measures such as distancing and mandatory isolation, which led millions of people to seek new forms of entertainment from the safety of their homes.

Therefore, in this present edition, we want to surprise you with a new viral challenge that is characterized, among other things, by its extremely high difficulty. What should you do? Look carefully at the photograph in which you can see a series of wooden blocks, among which is an elusive kitten. Do you accept the challenge?


Full image of the viral challenge. (Photo: Great Guru)


Well, time’s up. Did you manage to find the cat in the picture? If you did it in a short time, congratulations! If, on the other hand, you still have not managed to find the solution, don’t worry, then we will give you all the keys to sing victory.

Well, well, let’s get started. Focus your gaze on the center of the image. Very slightly, raise your eyes. From that position, stop and look closely, you can see that the kitten is lying, their fur color is almost the same as that of the pieces of wood.

We have reached the end of this note. We know you’ve had a lot of fun solving this viral rectum. For this same reason, we invite you to search for more of these visual puzzles, in which do not forget to include your friends and family.

Visual puzzle solved.  (Photo: Great Guru)
Visual puzzle solved. (Photo: Great Guru)

What is a viral challenge or psychological test?

Carl Gustav Jung is one of the key figures in the initial stage of psychoanalysis, which is also the founder of the school of analytical psychology, also called complex psychology and deep psychology. This is how Jung became famous as his studies and analysis of dreams led to a greater understanding of people in their ‘psyche’ state.

In his work, ‘Psychological Types’, “Develops his ideas about the existence of two” attitudes “(extraversion / introversion) and four “functions” (thought / feeling and sensation / intuition), and refers for the first time to itself as an objective of psychic development ”.

This is how he raises different psychological types that led him to the study of people using personality tests as a basis or, as it is currently known, the viral challenges that when solving them allow you to know more about yourself.



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