Viral |  He forwarded a message to the wrong person and surprised with his quick reaction: "That's how I dodged the ball" |  Twitter |  WhatsApp |  Photo |  MEXICO

In the last hours, a young woman from Mexico has drawn attention on Twitter and other social networks. The reason? She forwarded a WhatsApp message to the wrong person and had a quick reaction to pretend everything was planned. What did? The details of his actions viral they’re here.

The girl, whose user Twitter it is @notherealivanka, announced this situation, exactly on October 11 of this year. It was through a tweet where he attached the capture of a conversation by WhatsApp that he had with someone.

In this image you can see that a person had sent him a voice message. Before answering, the young woman had the idea of ​​forwarding the audio to another contact; however, he made a mistake and forwarded it to the same person.

She immediately realized her mistake. That is why, to pretend that everything had been planned, he sent two quick messages. “I can’t listen to this one. I do not get it”, wrote. Fortunately for the young woman, the person did not take it badly and sent her an audio again.

“I forwarded a message by mistake to the same person who sent it to me and that’s how I dodged the ball”, wrote the girl as a description of the capture of the conversation by WhatsApp. His viral actions did not take long to generate an impact on Twitter and other social networks.



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