Gregory Warren won half of the $ 391,870 jackpot.  (Photo: NC Education Lottery)

What would you do in his place? Imagine buying a lottery ticket, forgetting it completely, and several days later remembering to check the numbers and realizing that you won almost $ 200,000. That’s what happened to Gregory Warren, a mechanic from North Carolina, USA, who after several days it was agreed that he had purchased a ticket from the NC Education Lottery. The lucky guy took half the jackpot.

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“I don’t buy lottery tickets very often.”Warren told lottery officials NC Education Lottery. “I just happened to pick one good day to buy one!”he explained.

He did not review the ticket until Monday, October 4. It was then that Warren realized that he won half of a $ 391,870 jackpot.

“I forgot it”Warren said Tuesday as he collected his prize at the NC Education Lottery headquarters in Raleigh. I’m still a little surprised. I didn’t sleep much last night. Too much emotion! “, he pointed.

After federal and state tax withholdings from the U.S. Treasury, the Franklinville County mechanic went home with a prize of $ 138,624.

Gregory Warren won half of the $ 391,870 jackpot. (Photo: NC Education Lottery)

“I think I’m going to start my own business mowing the lawn.”Warren said. “I have a 14-year-old son and I want to start a business so that he has something to do when he graduates from high school “added.

The other half of the jackpot went to a woman from the town of New Bern, also in North Carolina. The identity of the lucky woman who will also take almost $ 200,000 is unknown.

What are the odds that Warren will win a jackpot of Cash 5? Lottery officials said it is 1 in 962,598.


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