An Amazon delivery girl went viral on TikTok after warning him singing to a client about an important deficiency outside her house. Plus, she shared information that could save her life while doing her job, something she definitely wasn’t required to do. All while leaving a package at the door of your home.

In the video, the worker can be heard speaking to Jessica Huseman, owner of the property, through the security camera. “Hi Jessica. I hope you are well, you do not have your house number outside and it is difficult to find “says the young woman, who appears to be in a very good mood despite what happened.

“And it is dangerous, really, because if you need health help the doctors will not be able to find your home easily”, he adds, to leave wishing the client a “good day.”

Jessica explained on TikTok that the delivery girl is absolutely right and that the absence of her house number is because she recently moved, so she had not had time to identify her. “We just moved […] although she is not wrong. I think I need to get some numbers “he wrote in the description of the video.


We just moved in and this happened today…she’s not wrong though. Guess I need to get some house numbers. ##amazondelivery

♬ original sound – Jessica Huseman

The worker’s warning did not go unnoticed by Internet users, who celebrated the gesture. “I am a retired paramedic. [La repartidora] he’s 100 percent right. Protect yourselves and get some big numbers for your house and mailbox “one of them commented. “Not all the heroes wear a coat. Delivery with a safety song – amazing service! “another user wrote.


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