Youtubers in Afghanistan: tourism in the country documented before the chaos

What would you do instead? It was a quiet day for Ismael Jiménez, a resident of Sandford, North Carolina, USA. The young man of Latino descent took advantage of the fact that he was at a gas station after leaving work to try his luck in the lottery and buy a $ 5 scratch-off the North Carolina Education Lottery. When he finished scratching the ticket, he realized that he had been the winner of 200 thousand dollars. The surprise would come later.

A scratch-off that cost just $ 5 made Jiménez the lucky winner of the jackpot. The Latino acquired the raffle ticket Mega Bucks at the gas station Save More in the town of Sandford.

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“I thought it was too good to be true. I felt blessedsaid Jiménez, recalling the moment he discovered his award. The next day he went to tell his parents and asked them to verify and confirm his victory.

Jiménez, who works as a grocer, said that winning the lottery it felt like “a dream”, but his prize of 200 thousand dollars will not be for him but for the people who were always by his side and helped him to be what he is now.

I’m going to give it to my parents. They have been through a lot. I feel like they deserve it. They can pay for their house, fix their cars and take care of any bills they may have. “, said the lucky man to the NC Education Lottery.

After claiming your prize at the lottery headquarters in Raleigh, took home $ 141,501 after federal and state tax withholdings.

The sale of scratch-offs makes it possible for the NC Education Lottery raise more than $ 900 million a year for education projects.


These content creators documented their journey into Afghan soil prior to the Taliban’s control of the country. One of them, Alex Tienda, was a few months ago without imagining the chaos that would follow. Meet here the Youtubers who traveled to Afghanistan.

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