selma blair multiple sclerosis virus

The scientific community of the United States would have found the original virus that causes multiple sclerosis. They did a natural experiment that lasted about 20 years with a large sample of soldiers.

Yesterday it was announced that thanks to a study done at harvard with a follow up 10 million Americans, the virus that would cause the disease is Epstein-Barr.

This is in turn responsible behind the kissing disease, who acquired knowledge during the last time. According to the study, this virus can multiply 32 times the possibility of contracting MS.

What is multiple sclerosis?

It is a disease in which myelinmembrane that covers neurons looks deteriorated. In turn, there is a inflammation in the blood vessels of the brain, which produces a reaction that affects the whole body.

A person with this condition may see compromised vision, sensation, movement, bladder and bowel control, and coordination.

Affects more women than men

Many people have been affected by this condition without a cure. There are even members of Hollywood who have had MS. A known case is that of Selma Blair.

selma blair multiple sclerosis virus

the actress of cruel intentions, Hellboy, The sweetest thing among other great films, she was diagnosed with the disease in 2018. However, she tries to move forward with the greatest possible optimism.

Another recognizable personality is Christina Applegate. The actress was diagnosed last year, and is part of a list of 2.8 million people who currently have multiple sclerosis.

christina applegate multiple sclerosis virus

christina applegate multiple sclerosis virus

The great discovery of the virus that causes multiple sclerosis must be treated with caution, since although It is a giant step to reach a cure, there is still a long way to go. What yes, allows us to understand much better what are the risks of the virus and how vital it is to prevent its spread.

At Rock & Pop we are always attentive to scientific discoveries, which day by day teach us to live in a better way on a planet that at times seems to be hostile.

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