Vitória defeats Sampaio Corrêa away from home and gains breath in the fight against Z4 Serie B

in São Luís (Photo: Publicity/John Tavares/Sampaio Corrêa)

On the night of Tuesday (12), Sampaio Corrêa received Vitória and ended up being defeated by 1-0. The only goal of the match was scored by Eduardo, still in the first half. With the triumph, the Bahia team reached 29 points and was three behind Brusque, the first team out of Z4. On the other hand, Bolivia Querida is parked in the middle of the table.

Now, the two teams will only return to the field next week. On Tuesday (19), Sampaio Corrêa visits Coritiba, at 9:30 pm. On the other hand, on Saturday (23), Vitória receives Brasil de Pelotas, at 4:30 pm.

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End of fasting early
Even playing away from home, Vitória was more incisive in the first minutes. Thus, he was in danger as soon as the ball started to roll. After an exchange of passes, Marcinho had the chance to submit, but was disarmed at the time of the kick.

However, if Marcinho couldn’t finish, Eduardo was successful. In a free kick, the midfielder released the bomb from a distance, saw the ball swerve on the barrier and die in the left corner of Luiz Daniel, putting an end to a six-game lack of scoring for the Bahian team.

Lack of creativity
After the goal, Vitória continued to dominate possession, but over time, coach Wagner Lopes asked the team to lower their lines and stay more in the defensive field.

With the inauguration, Sampaio Corrêa ran into not only the strong marking, but also his difficulty in creating. The team from Maranhão did not even manage to submit until the 30th minute.

Leo (still) creates more
​With the difficulties in creating Sampaio Corrêa, Vitória began to have good opportunities on the counterattack. Marcinho was responsible for setting up the main moves and, at times, he had space to invade the area, but he was wrong in the final decision.

Before the break, Manoel wasted a real chance to score after a cross by Bruno Oliveira. The forward missed the ball and ended up heading badly, even free. Thus, the game went to halftime with the score 1-0 for the visitors.

Match comes back with everything
The break was good for the game. On the way back, Felipe Surian put Jean Silva on and gave even more speed and firepower to Sampaio Corrêa’s attack. Thus, the home team launched even more into the offensive sector and tried some submissions, but without success.

On the other hand, Vitória continued doing what it had been doing in the final stretch of the first stage: scoring strong in their field and breaking out on the counterattacks. Fabinho and Eduardo tried once each, but stopped in the quiet defenses of Luiz Daniel.

Sideways alternative
​During the entire duration of the final stage, Sampaio Corrêa chose to use even more the sides of the field, mainly with Pimentinha. Twice, Bolivia Querida had a player reaching the end line and playing backwards. In the first, goalkeeper Lucas Arcanjo cut Ferreira’s touch. In the second, Léo Artur had the chance to complete for the goal, but he missed the ball. Jean Silva still managed a header in the final minutes, but sent over the top.

Vitória closed and continued betting on counterattack bids. However, it failed to effect any real chance of increasing the score. Thus, he compacted his lines in front of his goal and controlled the time until the referee’s final whistle, guaranteeing victory.

: Castelão, in São Luís-MA
Date/Time: October 12, 2021 (Tuesday), at 7:00 pm
Referee: Luiz Augusto Silveira Tisne (SC)
assistants: Kleber Lucio Gil (SC) and Gizeli Casaril (SC)
Goal: Eduardo (4’/1°T) (0-1)
yellow cards: Manoel, Bruno Oliveira, Lucas Arcanjo (Vitória), Ciel, Alyson (Sampaio Corrêa)

SAMPAIO CORRÊA: Luiz Daniel; Watson, Allan, Nilson Júnior and Alyson (Mascarenhas, at 34’/2°T); Eloir, Márcio Araújo (Léo Artur, at 12’/2°T), Baraka (Jean Silva, at 0’/2°T) and Nadson (Ferreira, at 12’/2°T); Pimentinha and Ciel (Jackson, at 34’/2°T). Coach: Felipe Surian.

VICTORY: Lucas Archangel; Van, Mateus Moares, Wallace Reis and Roberto; João Pedro, Bruno Oliveira (Cedric, at 34’/2°T) and Eduardo (Caíque Souza, at 42’/2°T); Fabinho, Marcinho (David, at 34’/2°T) and Manoel (Samuel, at 29’/2°T). Technician: Wagner Lopes.

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